Friday, January 14, 2011

A White Dress From Santa

I read on my friends blog about some cute things her little boy say's and it reminded me that I haven't talked much about what my girls say lately that I will want to remember.. It is too bad I often don't write them down and forget but here are some things I could think of.

Tom and I have a picture from our wedding day on our night stand and lately Chalyse has been really in to it. She talks a lot about getting married or her dolls being marries. The other day she said, "Maybe Santa will bring me a white dress like Mommy's in the picture so I can get married."
Chalyse is into adjetives a lot lately. It's fun to hear her use words like "lovely", "interesting" and "awesome." Even if she can't always pronounce it. One time I came out of the bathroom after doing my hair and she said excitedly "Oh, your hair looks horrible." She meant it as a compliment. I guess she had heard me say that same thing about my hair. Yesterday Tom was talking about going to change his shirt. Chalsye said "You should change your shirt. That is a teaching shirt." She was right. It was one of his button down shirts that he wears to school but no one had ever told her it was for teaching.

She loves asking questions. All the time! Her favorite word is "why." I think sometimes she doesn't even realize she is doing it. She asks, "what is that sound," "what do I smell." She'll look at the picuter in a book, "Why is she sad," "why is he going like that."

She also likes to give people a new name. Usually something silly like "buff, buff," but Ellora's permanent nick name is Noah. I think it is because Ellora will sometimes put an "uh" sound at the end of "no".

Her imagination has really taken off too. She has all kinds of pretend things to play with like a puppy, and a dragon that keeps her safe at night. Sometimes she is even attacked by pretend spiders. Scary!

The other day we were out in the hall with a couple of fiends. Chalyse had a pretend bow in her hair but it blew away. She chased it up and down the hall but it got a away and hid in a tree on the wall. (There is a mural of a forest scene on the wall.) She couldn't get it out so Tom suggested a saw to help her get it out. She used the saw and got it out but it got away again and this time a dear on the wall ate it. So it made sense to her to use the same method as last time. She ran to get her saw. Every one laugh and said, "You can't saw the dear." Poor Chalyse! She was so embarrassed. Of course no was meaning to be mean but you know how it is when you are little and it is so easy to get embarrassed. You don't understand that people don't really think "this" or "that" about you they mostly just think you are cute. And what a horrible feeling it is to be embarrassed! She cried and cried and I had to take her inside and explain to her why everyone laughed and that they didn't really think she was stupid but that everyone thought she was cute and very smart.  

Ellora is talking a lot more to. She has even started using some 4 and 5 word sentences but I think she may be processing them as whole ideas instead of constructing them her self. She says things like "I don't want milk," 

Some of her favorite things to say are:
"Hold you," She wants to be held

"I see," When she want's to see what you are doing or looking at.

If she want's something really badly she will say urgently, "peese, peese."
"Bet," or "but" means blanket. She loves her blankie.

"Mine," sometimes she will even claim something random when she is mad to get back at you.

"cccold" She will shrug her shoulders up by her face and shake like she is shivering violently. It is so cute.  

When you hand her something she always says something that resembles "thank you," but it is hard to say what. I think babies use some sounds we don't use in the English language.

Oh, and "potty." That's right. She thinks she is old enough to use the potty. About once or twice, or more, times a day she will ask to use the potty and she usually will go too. So far today she hasn't even gone in her diaper once since I changed it this morning. Of course now she is napping so I'm sure it won't stay dry.

Sometimes Ellora will find a doll blanket or bottle and climb into my lap and say "I baby." She will have me rock and shush her and sing her "Rock-a-by Baby."


  1. Reading about those funny girls is my favorite thing in the world. I laughed so hard about Chalyse's compliment on your hair.

  2. I just LOVED this post....thanks for sharing about your little girls. I love the things kids say and can get a peek into how their brains are working...and they are working nonstop!!!! Can't wait to see them!!!