Monday, January 10, 2011

Ellora's Rebellious Stage


Ellora has been feeling really spunky and rebellious today. She has been throwing all kinds of little tantrums to "punish us." She has been writing on her hands with pen, teasing Chalyse eating things like coloring books and envelopes and biting things when she gets upset like the couch, table or toes (this is something she has done for a while).

She wants to be a part of everything. Her favorite new phrase is "I see!" She insists on being held up to see what I am cooking, working on or even to see the dishes I am washing. No one can look out the window with out letting Ellora see too.

At breakfast her cereal was getting dangerously close to her head so i said don't put it on your head you'll get milk in your hair...I bet you can guess what happened next. Then later she asked for some puff pancakes. I gave her some but she proceeded to dip her finger in the syrup and lick it off. I asked her to eat her pancakes too. So she angrily shoved a piece in her mouth, then another and another until it was too much and it all came back out. At lunch none of her soup made it into her tummy before she turned it over and it ran all over the table. To complete the image she has been wearing her sunglasses around today; crooked or upside down usually. So with her new tattoos, sunglasses and this destructive behavior we are hoping she gets it all out of her system early.

Here are some more pictures of our spunky baby. 

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  1. Hang in there!!!! I can't believe how big she is getting. When I just glanced at the picture of her in the purple dress I thought it was Chalyse, at first. Then I did a double take and realized it was Ellora!!! The video was so cute!!! You have such adorable girls!!!