Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Foyer at This Church

This morning we called in to church right at 10:30, when our church starts, and the automated conference call system announced to us that the conference we had selected was currently full! We were a little disappointed, as you could imagine. No worries, though, because we called back a couple of minutes later and got in.

There have been two bugs going around since we got here. One is "strep" and the other is the flu. Camille has been battling strep the last few days, but it hasn't really hit her very hard, yet. Last night, Chalyse fell off her bed at 12:20 and naturally started screaming. We rushed in there, and put her back on her bed. While we were comforting her, she threw up and then rolled in it. We were worried that she had a concussion from falling out of bed, but we couldn't find any bumps on her head, and her pupils were contracting properly. She continued to throw up for the next 2 hours. We decided to put on a movie to keep her awake to see if she had a concussion. She finally stopped throwing up near the end of the movie.

This morning, she was over her vomiting, but diarrhea had replaced it. We changed, between the two girls, about 9 stinky diapers before noon, half of which leaked. We decided to put plastic underpants on Chalyse to protect her clothes. She appears to be feeling a lot better, though.


  1. I'm sooooo sorry...the upside to your church, though, is that you can go with sick kids!!! Give your babies a hug and kiss for me. did the turkey turn out?!?!

  2. Oh, how awful. I can totally empathize, because we've been there done that. It's so hard to see your kids sick, because you feel so helpless. Hope they're up to full speed soon.

  3. Poor Chalyse!! That is so sad. I'm glad things are getting better, though (if changing those kinds of diapers really is "better"). Good luck!