Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Anniversary

Tom and I have been really busy this last week. Monday and Tuesday we went to Colorado for a job interview and Saturday I threw a bridal shower for my cousin. With that and everything else going on like fathers day, work, and me only feeling good on and off we haven't really had time to shop for or plan for our anniversary. Not to mention I can't do many of the things we would like to do being 8 mo. pregnant. Anyway, the other day I got a phone evaluation at work and for every point I scored I got a dollar. I got 81. I figured it was money we weren't planning on and I didn't have to work real hard for it so I decided we would just cash the check and do or buy anything we wanted and that would be our celebration.

I had the day off and Tom did until 4:30, so we were off to see what fun things we could do. First we went to Wingers for lunch and used a gift card I gave Tom for Fathers Day. We then went to the Aquarium in Sandy. We had heard it was really cool and it was. Chalyse loved the fish and it was super kid friendly. We got there in perfect time for "critter corner" where they had a parrot and some other critters that we could see close up (like a tarantula and scorpion). They also had some really cool jellyfish, an octopus, and eels AND they have a pond were you can reach in and pet the stingrays! At the end they have a play area with little caves for the kids. Before we left we went to the gift store to buy Chalyse a little souvenir. Everything we would let her see she would quickly bring close to her and hug and rock. We decided on a blue, fuzzy stingray. She loves it.

After the Aquarium we went to the Peppermint Place and bought some chocolates. They sell their mess-ups for a dollar a pound! After all this we still had almost $50 so we went to Walmart to look at kiddie pools for Chalyse and maybe a game or something. We were going to just get a a cheap little pool for $10 but we found this other one with a slide and a dolphin that you hook to the hose and it spays. It was so cool so we got it. We had a little left over, but couldn't really think of anything else we wanted so we hurried home so we could try out our new pool before Tom had to work. It is really fun and Chalyse loves it. It is funny, we could have gotten stuff for ourselves but we had the most fun buying for Chalyse. Besides we couldn't think of anything else we wanted besides bikes and that would have been at least $400 after getting 2 bikes, a bike trailer and a rack for our car and we wouldn't really be able to use them for a while. (Maybe that will be our Christmas.)

All in all we had a lot of fun and on our real anniversary we have a ward party, that will be fun too. :)

We didn't take the camera to the Aquarium but here is Chalyse and our new pool.


  1. I love unexpected money! Sounds like a great day. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. It is amazing to me how much more enjoyable "events" are when you have kids. Dad and I always found that to be true. We had times to ourselves but loved including the kids. Thanks for sharing!!! I miss Chalyse!!!