Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Helper

Chalyse is sick again! Poor girl. It's not fair. Hopefully she gets over it quickly. This morning i guess she really wasn't feeling well because she had a complete break down during breakfast. She would want her oatmeal but when i tried to give it to her she would freak out. So we gave up on the oatmeal and gave her a muffin. She just wanted to hold it and complain. When i asked her if she would eat it she would throw it down but when i tried to remove her tray to clean her up she would scream and snatch the muffin back up. We tried this a few times but pretty soon she was hysterical. So I put her back to bed and as soon as she was in bed with her binki and blankie she became silent and she slept for another 2 hours.
Chalyse is getting so big though. She can do so many new things. Like eat with a spoon. A skill I though she would never get because she would always just hold her spoon in one hand and eat with the other. She still has trouble and tries to just dip her spoon most times but she is making progress. Another thing she has been doing lately is "helping". She is good at picking things up for me and putting them in the drawer or box or wherever and she likes to take her dirty clothes to the laundry room...and her clean clothes. The other day she spilled some milk on the floor and i gave her a towel and asked to to clean it up and she did.


  1. What a little is so fun to see the new things kids learn to do!! I'm sorry she is sick again!!

  2. Poor Chalyse!! So cute, though. She's getting so big! We need to meet her!!