Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monday Activity: Bunny Hop and The Hungry Alligator

Ok, so I know it's Thursday but better late than never right?

Some of our favorite activities are songs or rhymes that have actions. These activities are especially good for helping my girls get enough exercise, which can be hard when it is 20 below outside. They also help toddlers develop gross motor skills, and and get out their pent up energy. I chose two of our favorites to share today. They were both taught to me by my little sister Bethany. I think she learned them in nursery.

Bunny Hop

The word and actions go as follows:

"Little bunny in the ditch, bunny sleeping in a ditch." (Lay down and pretend to be sleeping)
"Little bunny if your wise, you will open up your eyes." (Open your eyes and lift head)
"Bunny hop, bunny hop, bunny hop." (quickly get up and hop away, jumping on each "hop")

Here is a movie so you can see the tune.

The Hungry Alligator

This one doesn't have a melody:

"Five little monkeys swinging in a tree" (Put up five fingers and swing them back and forth)
"Teasing Mr. Alligator 'Can't catch me, you can't catch me'" (Put your thumbs to you temples and wiggle your fingers about)

(My girls love the next part)

(Quietly) "Along came Mr.Alligator quiet as can be" (put you hands together and move them side to side like they are a hungry alligator swimming through the water)
(Loudly ) "AND SNATCHED A MONKEY RIGHT OUT OF THAT TREE!" (Clap your hands together on the word snatched)

Continue with four more verses with one less monkey each time until you get to the last one. Then you say: "AND SNATCHED THAT MONKEY RIGHT OUT OF THAT TREE!" on the last line.

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