Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're Doin'

Ellora is doing much better. She only gets really fussy every once in a a while now and it doesn't last as long. I am thinking she doesn't like it when I drink milk. She has been smiling a lot more now and is a lot more aware. She is just beginning to realize that she can interact with her world. We have a bouncy chair that she sits in that dangles butterflies in in her reach. A few times i swear i have caught her batting at them and today she reached up and put her hand on one for about 15 second or so. She still has lots of hair. :)

Chalyse has been sleeping well in her big girl bed for a while now. We had a big struggle getting her to go to bed in it. She is a little young to be out of her crib but we didn't think it was worth $200 to send it up here. Hind sight: I think it may have been worth it. It's all good now.

We have made friends with the neighbors across the hall. The lady is an elementary school teacher. Her "honey" has lived in the village all his life. They have a boy who is a year older than Chalyse and they enjoy playing together. They invited us over last Saturday to watch the BYU football game. We had a good time.

On Thursday Tom came home and said that yesterday there were hundreds of walruses at the point (they were migrating). The vice princable let us borrow her 4 wheeler and we drove down to see them. We missed them but we did have a little adventure. The school has a Ford Explorer, and some of the other teachers also wanted to see the walruses, but they didn't anticipate the deep sand out by the point. They were completely high-centered, and we stopped for a while to help dig them out.
Chalyse wants to type something:
I3 ¶£347 4337y45ruc5


  1. I love Chalyse's'll have to translate, though!!! Thanks for the update...I MISS YOU!!!

  2. We're going through the process of moving Jesse to a toddler bed also. I thought it was too early - we waited until the others were two years old. But John really wanted Jesse out before the new baby came. I thought we should just buy another crib and avoid the hassle, but John was persistent. And I have to admit, I've been pleasantly surprised. I expected Jesse to keep getting out of bed when we laid him down, since that is what the others did. But he has been very obedient. Our only problem has been that he doesn't sleep as long, and he knocks at his door to be let out when he wakes up, whereas before he would just play in his crib until we came for him. It's SO nice when they can sleep in a bed though - so I hope Chalyse keeps it up for you!

  3. That's cute. Chalyse will do that. Her door actually doesn't have a latch right now (I hope they fix that soon). It took us a while to figure out an effective way to jam the door, but we're good now.

  4. We just got a new door for Chalyse today...but no latch! The new door is a little too small for the frame and can't be jammed. Surprisingly she has stayed in bed until she wakes up. I think she still thinks we are jamming it.