Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today we had a great experience. First, we had a sister join us for church who hadn't yet. She usually participates on her own. It was great to have another sister here.

Second, Since we attend church via conference call we often only get every other word (if we're lucky). So this week we decided to tune in for sacrament meeting and then have Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society on our own. Sacrament Meeting was great. The two speakers were also joining by phone so as a result they came through crystal clear. We caught every word. For Sunday School Tom led the lesson and Bro. Stevens led Priesthood/Relief Society. The first lesson was on the story of the rescue of the Martin Willey Hand Cart Company. The second class was the building of the Kirkland temple. We talked a lot about unity. The spirit was very strong as we all felt unified with each other. We also talked about missionary work and what work the Lord may have for us here in Point Hope. We agreed that people might get offended if we went around preaching our religion but also that there are things we can do. We need only to be in tune with the spirit and pray for help in sharing the gift of the gospel with our friends here.

I know that the unity of the church can be felt ANYWHERE the saints may gather.


  1. Sometimes the best sermons are seen, not heard. As your new friends and neighbors associate with you and enjoy your genuine friendship, they may be led to ask why you are such happy people. Don't be afraid to let them know that you are LDS, but then let your actions speak for what being a "Mormon" is all about. I think you guys will be very good at that!

  2. I agree...just by who you ARE will speak louder than what you say. As I read your blog about your meetings the part of the scripture came to my mind..."where two or three are gathered in my name, there will my spirit be also". I know that the Lord will pour out his spirit upon you in your tiny portion of the branch there in Point Hope.