Monday, September 7, 2009

Mommy, she looks like our doll

Every one here thinks Chalyse is something to behold. There are very few white people and even fewer with blond hair. Most people here have never seen a "blond hair baby" in their small village and every one is enthralled with ours. At the picnic last week one lady brought her 3 year old daughter over to see Chalyse. She said her daughter pointed to Chalyse and said "Look, She looks like our doll".

Oh, we never wrote anything about the picnic. We were waiting to get our power cord to the other computer so we could post some pictures but we will have to post the pictures later.

Two Fridays ago we had a community picnic put on by the school. It was held on the south beach and the weather could not have been better. After putting it off twice because of the rain they finally picked a good day. The sun was shining, the wind was only a breeze from the south and it was about 60 degrees. We didn't even ware our jackets. We had a lot of fun visiting with people. Chalyse spent most of the time throwing rocks into the water. We also saw some jelly fish!

Afterward we walked down to the cemitary. We have some really cool pictures to show. The graves are all marked by huge crossed that look small next to the enormas whale jaw bones jutting out of the ground behind them. The walk there was pretty fun too. The tundra is full of color that we don't get to see around the village. There are so many diferant plants and lichens that cover the ground. It was nice to walk on too. It feels like squishy carpet. So much easier on the joints than the deep loose graven that is every where in the village. The village even looked better once we got away form it a little. All the buildings are painted a different color. We will put a picture of that on too when we can. Until then you will just have to imagine it.

Something else to imagine until we can post it: we went to back-to-school-night this last Wednesday and they spent an hour or two playing their drums made from seal skin and singing and dancing to their native songs. It was fun to watch and the teachers even dances a few. We took lots of videos so we will post them when we can.


  1. Wow. Keep the stories coming! Does it feel like a foreign country, or is it just more like a different region? Has it been a major culture shock?

  2. I found your blog! Mwahahaha! Sister Stillman plans to post it on the 4th Ward website, because the folks here are all intrigued to know what you've been up to in the "great white north." i'll keep an eye on you guys! Kim Nelson