Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Call it 'We Are Not Doing Stuff That We Are Not 'Upposed To Do'" -Ellora


Owen is crawling. He has been trying to for over a month but I think it was official a few days after Christmas. He is still pretty slow but it won't be long before he has full reign of the house. This morning he even climbed up the step from our den to the laundry room. He is such a Mama's boy and says, "Mama," when he wants me or if I walk in the room. He has done this for a while, but it was always hard to tell if it was volitional or not. It has been very deliberate lately, though.

Owen really enjoyed Christmas. He could tell there was something exciting going on and would get excited too. He enjoyed playing with his musical ride on train that Santa brought him and sat and played with it most of the morning.  He is such a good baby and entertains himself well. He is even content to play in his saucer for a long time while I cook dinner or wash the dishes. Last night Tom and I were playing games with the girls. Owen crawled under the small table we were playing around. It has a glass top and he sat and watched us through it. He would get excited when we would because it looked like we were all looking at him.

He does not like to take baths. He doesn't like the noise that the faucet makes and will eye it nervously. The other day when I put him in the bath he grabbed hold of me and pulled himself up clinging onto my shirt. Owen has recently been constantly blowing raspberries, both with just his lips and with his tongue out.  Sure it's cute, except for certain times, like when we're trying to feed him some baby food.

Owen is 21 lbs and is 95 % for weight and around 60 % for height


The big news with Ellora is  potty training.

Ellora's hair is so long and thick that people say she looks like Rapunzel (she does look just like the baby Rapunzel in the movie) but she hates to get it combed so we have to sing, "brush and brush and brush and brush my hair" while we do it. She has such a funny personality and says the silliest things all the time. The other day she said (mostly to herself), "See my eyes? They are so tired. They're gwumpy, gwumpy, gwumpy!" This morning she came running in the den with a dress that she wanted to wear. She was giggling and when she got to me she said, "This wing (the tie on the dress) poked  me. It went 'stick!'" She demonstrated by poking herself in the eye with it. It didn't poke just right so she proceeded to demonstrate several times, "It went 'stick.' It went 'stick.' It went 'stick.'"

For Christmas she got a Fur Real puppy. We named it Boppo after her imaginary friend. All Christmas morning she was feeding it fruit snacks, candy canes and cereal.

Ellora LOVES breakfast so much that she eats it as many as five times before lunch. She also loves fruit. I keep a basket of fruit on the cupboard but I will sometimes have to hide it because she won't leave it alone. Pears, bananas, apples, and oranges are some of her favorite foods.

The girls played red rover with the primary at a Christmas activity. The kids called "Red rover red rover send Ellora right over."  Ellora ran to the other side but got scared just before she got there. She turned to go back but everyone including all the moms and dads began laughing. Feeling embarrassed and not knowing what to do she thew herself down in the middle of the floor and cried. So sad but so cute.

Ellora is so TWO lately and throws quite a lot of tantrums. She can be so sweet when she has had enough sleep, but it has been a struggle to get her to sleep when she needs. Hopefully now that things are slowing down we can get every one back on a regular bedtime.


Chalyse is growing so much. She is tall for her age and I have had trouble finding her long enough shirts. She loves getting dressed and if I let her will sometimes change her clothes until she has worn every singe article of clothing. She's learning how to be so patient with her sister and often surprises me at how grown up she can act. She is also learning how to be obedient and is usually a big helper. She is learning how to write her letters a little bit. She got an electronic writing pad that shows her how to write letters. She also got Squinkies which are little squishy people and animals. She loves little things that she can collect and she likes to personify things, so these were the perfect gift for her. Chalyse likes to draw and is getting good at drawing eyes. 

Earlier, we were printing something off of the computer and it was taking a while to get it ready.  Chalyse was getting impatient, and I told her she had to wait for us to tell it to print it.  "Print," she said to the printer, but it stubbornly disobeyed. She couldn't figure out why I thought this was funny.

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