Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Am Greatful For A Bed

For the first couple of weeks we have been in Utah we have been sleeping on my mom and dad's couches. It has been nice to have all the help but we were ready for a little more space of our own. Mandy and Spencer are living in the apartment that we were in for the summer and they have an extra bedroom so we moved in with them for the rest of our time here. We were able to set up Chalyse's bed that was in storage and Spencer's parents let me borrow a bed from there house (Ellora is still in a play pen which she is used to because that what she had at home too). After we were all done, Chalyse was talking to Mandy and she said, "Mom has a bed and Ellora has a bed and Chalyse has a bed. That's great! That's Lovely!" I am glad that she is happy. It has been hard for the girls. When ever we are home in the evenings Ellora will ask to go, i think she wants to go home. Chalyse is often saying lets go home to my Daddy. I am glad that they like their Dad and their home so much.

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  1. Bless your sweet heart!!! I'm sooo glad you are at Mandy's now...I think it will help you and girls to have a tiny place of your own till Tom gets here. It is so hard to be displaced...especially for little ones. I hope you get to feeling better!!!