Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mommy Wow!

Chalyse has been so excited to learn to go potty. We told her she had to wait till we got home to Point Hope because we were doing too much running around this summer to devote that much time to the bathroom. Oh! Are we ever spending time in there! I have decided that Chalyse spends at least %20 of her day in there.

Over all I am extremely pleased with how well she is doing. She has been able to get up there on her own, wipe and even wash her hands by herself; although, she can't turn the water on. She can also take her pants on and off, but sometimes she gets her underwear on upside down. Yes upside down, don't ask me how.

It's just that she gets a little distracted with things like brushing her teeth...or flossing...the best part is that she is so genuine about what she is doing. Yesterday, I went in there are she had ripped off several squares of toilet paper and lined them up along the sink. "This one is for Meese, this one's for Mommy, this one;s for Daddy, this is for Ellora..." So, many of you who may be reading this, Chalyse is saving a square of TP for you, too.

Also, because she has been so excited to start using the potty, she somehow needs to go every 5 minutes unless she is truly busy doing something else. Then, as I was surprised to find out, she can go an hour or two without even having an accident. I have started to have to tell her, "you just went potty, see if you can hold it for just a little while." Today, I was so sick of her using the potty so often that I put a child-proof handle on the doorknob.

All in all, she is doing very well and is very pleased with her self. We are also quite pleased with how with what a big girl she is.

In other news, Ellora decided today that markers make a nice snack. We found her sucking on one. Her mouth was completely black which made Chalyse start screaming and freaking out. I couldn't blame her. The sight was quite grotesque. Luckily the markers were none toxic and hopefully Chalyse has learned not to leave markers laying around.

Later Chalyse was chasing Ellora around with the camera telling her to say "Ahhh." and trying to pry her moth open to take a picture of it. Ellora didn't think is was quite as funny as we did.


  1. Your girls are so cute! At least they give you stories to tell :)

  2. Ah man, I love it!! The marker incident made my day, that is so funny!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!!!!! We love you guys :)

  3. Good job, Chalyse...and...yes...Happy Birthday, Camille!!!!