Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving for Barrow

Six hours after getting into Point Hope, I had to get onto another plane and start back towards Anchorage and then up to Barrow.

They had us stay in Anchorage overnight. By the time we got in, I had been awake for the better part of two days. I slept so well that night. The next morning (Sunday), I woke up at 9:30 and somehow found the strength to get out of bed to get breakfast before church, which started at 10:00. I attended sacrament meeting in my new branch for the first time. I know you're thinking, "But I thought you said you were in Anchorage?" I did. Our church is via conference call and includes all of the members in the little bush villages from across Alaska.

We got to Barrow that evening with a stop in Fairbanks. It's amazing the difference a few degrees in latitude make. We got off the plane and it was a little chillier than Anchorage. As I looked north over the Chukchi Sea, I saw amorphous objects floating in the water. In the dim light, I assumed that they were trash, but as I continued to watch, it dawned on me that it was sea ice. Over the next couple of days, however, the sea ice disappeared. (I would have pictures for all of this, but I left it in Point Hope)

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