Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inspiration By Telephone

Every Sunday morning, we get up, get breakfast, and get ready for church. Once the girls are ready, we prepare the sacrament on one of our end tables and call our church. There are two other members in the village, both teachers, and one of them is a priesthood holder. He actually had the sacrament trays and white table cloth that we use.

Our conference call church is an interesting experience. Talks and lessons are given, and people participate over the phone. During Sunday School, people often cut each other off because it's hard to know when other people want to talk. Our biggest obstacles to enjoying the service no longer have to do with an overactive 18-month-old and a newborn. Sunspots and bad weather are now the biggest problems. Both of these can make it so we only catch every other word.

We actually aren't sure what we should do at this point, though. We found out that we really are supposed to be a part of what they call the "Bush Branch" which is run entirely by conference call, but the returning teacher that's a member has always participated in the Barrow Branch via telephone. We will probably get our records transferred again to be in the Barrow Branch because the returning member knows people and is comfortable there.


  1. That is so crazy. It's nice that there are other members in you village! Is that comforting?

  2. It's really nice. We are glad that there's another priesthood holder, and Camille is really glad that there's another adult sister.

  3. Wonderful...I was hoping there were other members. Do you meet together in the same house or in your own homes? As far as which branch you are in, it probably doesn't much matter as long as your records are somewhere. I hope it works out for you guys and you can feel the spirit and be uplifted!!!

  4. We actually meet in our home. Sometimes it's a little difficult to hear, but it is a huge blessing to be able to attend.