Thursday, May 14, 2009

104 Degrees!

Chalyse has been sick with a cough for about a week. It hasn't been too bad so we have just been waiting it out. Last night though i put her down for bed at 6:30 (she had refused to take an afternoon nap) and at about 9pm she woke up crying and really warm. We took her temprature at almost 104 under the arm. Yikes! We quickly dressed her down to her diaper and gave her some Motrin and a cold drink wich she downed. At around 10:30 she was still over 102 but it seemed to be dropping...slowly...and she didn't realy have any other simptoms besides her cough, which wasn't even that bad, and that she was a little fussy. She even thought about getting down and playing a few times but didn't really have the energy. So we decided to just watch her closly and take her to the doctor in the morning if she wasn't doing much better. Well, her fever continued to drop and by morning her temrature was normal and she was mostly back to her perky self...until her nap. She woke up an hour into it with a fever again and was really grmpy. Her fever wasn't nearly as high as last night but i decided we should take her in just in case. Tom has her at the doctors right now so we'll see what happens. I hope she starts feeling better soon. It's no fun being sick.


  1. Yuck! Hopefully everything turns out fine and it's a quick fix. Emily had a bizarre high fever last week with no other symptoms. maybe it's just some strange thing that's going around. Poor Chalyse!