Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yay Tom!

Yay, Tom graduated this week! It feels weird to us that he is done. This year kind of sputtered to an end. Tom finished his last classes and finals last semester and has been doing his student teaching for the past three and a half months. He has had his teacher work sample turned in for a while and his last week of teaching was the high school's spring break (a novelty to a BYU student). This combined with the fact that Tom really enjoys teaching has made his undergraduate experience just kind of cruise to stop and all of the sudden he is graduated.

We are so proud of Tom. He has worked hard and taken his education very seriosly.

Thanks to everyone for your support and love! Thanks especially to John and Jeni for giving us a place to live for a year and to Sandy and Richard for instilling in Tom the love and desire for an education. We have very blessed in many ways!


  1. Congratulations!! I bet you're happy to be done! There are a lot of great jobs out here - wink.wink!

  2. Hurray! Isn't graduation a wonderful feeling? Sorry we couldn't be there - I really was planning on it. But morning sickness combined with three kids having to sit still longer than even sacrament meeting was a bit much. Especially since I'd be doing it alone as John couldn't miss school. Now I'm crossing my fingers that you'll find a job soon!

  3. Thanks! I think I've sent out my application about 50 million times now, but still nothing :^(