Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Fun

Yesterday, Camille and I went to get our Christmas tree. We went to a tree yard close to our home and had a really good experience. The attendant was really accommodating and friendly even though he was really busy.

When we got home and got the tree in place, we found that we didn't have enough lights to put on the tree. So, we went to the local Target to pick up some lights. We found some that we liked, and as we went through the checkout, I discovered to my horror that I was missing my card. I looked all through my wallet, but it wasn't there. The last place I had used it was at the tree yard. After we checked out, we went back to the tree yard, but we couldn't find it. When we got home, after looking around some more, we called to cancel the card, just in case.

When Camille got the lights out of the box, she realized that they had a white cord. That just wouldn't do, so I was sent back to Target to get some with green cords.

After I got back and we got the tree all decorated, we got a call from the attendant at the tree yard. He had found my card. He said it was in a weird place.


  1. What an adventure!!! I want pictures!!! So, did end up having to cancel the card?!? What a mess!!

  2. Oh, that sounds just like life!! My life in fact. I laughed and laughed - it's easier to find it humorous when it's not happening to you at the time. I read the part about a white cord to John, who rolled his eyes and chuckled. Sending him back is exactly something I would do too! I'm so jealous that you have a real tree - I miss having one.

  3. "In a weird place" huh. Weird. Just kidding. That's awesome that he called back, even if it was too late. It's nice to know that people are still willing to help out.

    Yay for Christmas trees!