Friday, March 13, 2009

Our beautiful little girl!

We went in for an ultrasound the other day and found out we're having a girl! She is healthy and beautiful.
Here are some names we liked for first or middle.
~Ellora (we could call her Elli)
~Cambrey (from my first and middle name)
~Annie (I think we would have that be short for something like Annica or Aniaca)
~Ruby (after my great grandma)
~Adeline (We could call her Addy that is a lot like Abby though)

Let us know what you think or if you have any ideas.


  1. Yay! Chalyse will have a sister to play with! I like Ellora, especially since that is what Jackson calls Sleeping Beauty (he can't pronounce Aurora). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cambrey and Ruby. My least favorite for you is Annie, but only because I was planning on using that if we ever had another girl. Don't let that sway you though.

  2. Congratulations!! That is so fun! Someone in my ward just had a baby six months ago and named her Adeline. I hadn't heard it before that. I think I like Ellora the best. (I love Elli).

  3. Is that Ellora as in Alora Dannin (Willow baby)?

  4. She is so beautiful....right there along with Chalyse... and ... Abby... Ashlyn... Emily... Joy... Mary... Gabby... and Nicci!!! My beautiful, wonderful little granddaughters!!! I'm not going to weigh in on the name thing because I will LOVE whatever you choose and it will fit my little girl perfectly...just like the other names do for their owners!!!