Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jabber -Box

Chalyse is beginning to talk and it is very exciting. She of course she says Mom and Dad but usually she just call me Muh (Camille). Tom is going to try to call me Mom more often. Her favorite word is 'play'. She says it a lot. When Dustriana came over for the first time we told Chalyse that she came over to play with her and so as soon as they were on the floor together Chalyse said, "play, play, play," over and over and proceeded to climb on top of Dustriana. She also says "bye, bye," when prompted and often will say "hi" when you walk into room and she loves to wave. When ever some one leaves or comes into the room she'll waive. The other day Chalyse was in the highchair and i asked if she wanted to get down but then i decided she might want a drink. When i tried to give her one she yelled "DOWN". Yesterday she was playing with a picture I didn't want her to have so i hid it under the couch when she wasn't looking. She then said, looking around, "doe, doe?" and i realised she was saying go (where'd it go?). Earlier this week I was putting the laundry away and Chalyse was pulling something out of the basket. When I asked her what she had found she said "blanket". She had indeed found her blanket. And of course she has her own language. She is constantly jabbering. It is so fun to listen to. She often combines consonants that you don't here together in the English language and my Mom asked if Tom was teaching her Japanese. Oh, and she likes to say her L's with her tongue upside down. Go figure.

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  1. Fun!! It is so exciting to watch kids learn new things...