Saturday, November 1, 2008


This Halloween we dressed up as some of the characters from the Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy, Tom was the Scarecrow and Chalyse was the good witch Glinda. I put alot of work into the costumes. Every year all of my family go to my Mom and Dad's for trick-or-treating and a Halloween party. I told Tom to get it off but when he asked they told him every one has to work it because it is one of the busiest days of the year. I was so sad but his manager said they would get him off as quickly as possible and my sister volunteered to come pick me up. Tom got to the party only 15 minutes later than we did and we had alot of fun! Here are some pictures:

The Scarecrow and Glinda (she's a little excited)

Here's Bethany. She's Strawberry Shortcake. My mom made that awesome hat.

Brighton went as a golfer this year. This costume suited him--he's got a set of mini-golf clubs and he's always golfing around the house.

Everyone's Jackolanterns. My mom insisted on having 10 of them. (Brigham was still carving his--a Buckaneers logo). Jame's is on the top--he shaved his.

Jame's costume. His wife shaved the back of his head to look like a face.


  1. Love the costumes...but I wanted to see yours Camille!! If you have a picture put it on too. sorry we weren't home...:(!

  2. You are SOOO creative! Chalyse looks great! You and Tom do, too, I guess, but she's a baby. Give me a break!

  3. I LOVE your costumes. They look awesome. I am just not that talented. My costumes always come from the store. I'm glad Tom was able to get off and party with you!