Friday, October 17, 2008

If babies thought in words...

Oh, no dad. Don't put me down. Uh, oh well, I think I'll eat this rug. Uh, uh. I can't get it out from under me. Well maybe I'll roll over a couple of times. Well, maybe a couple more. Oh, what is this. A chair! Kick, kick, kick....Kick, kick. Kick. Well, that was fun. Kick. Let's keep rolling, I guess. Roll, roll, roll. Ugh! Who put this wall here! Dad, was it you?! Hey mom! Dad put a wall in my way. Roll, bonk. Roll, bonk. Oh, mom thinks it's funny when I bonk my head into the wall. Bonk, bonk. Bonk. What's that mom? Stop? What's "stop?" Bonk, bonk. Ha, ha, I got her to pick me up! :)